Play Blanket

With the arrival of these precious twins it was my pleasure to create this fun play blanket customised just for them. Using the techniques of patchwork, applique and textile drawing, this blanket portrays the entire family. It includes many details, such as a pocket teddy bear, flowers to pull, trees with fruits with letters of the alphabet and floating numbers in the clouds. Following the mother’s wishes we used a pallet of soft colours to match the baby’s bedroom and the home decor. The end result is a very useful blanket that is great to lay on the grass for crawling lessons and later on to be used as a cover for the sofa or a bed.

During this summer it has caused a sensation by the community pool. My hope is that it spends many years with family.

For this job we used only new fabrics as it was a custom order for babies, but the same idea could be applied using recycled pieces of cloth that hold a special memory.

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