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Please feel free to chat to us about your dream idea; we have experience in capturing the needs and wishes of our clients. If it’s the making of a custom sewn object, some jewellery to match a certain outfit or even a piece of furniture that you have been searching for, we can help find it and make it reborn just for you.
So, if you have a piece of forgotten furniture or stored object that you wish to give a new life to, you have found the perfect place!

Finishes and treatments

mosaicoAll our finished objects are unique and handcrafted;

the finishes we create by hand and can differ from piece to piece, as with faces there are no two alike.

With some old furniture or wooden items there are signs of woodworm, so we treat everything with high quality products to remove them for good.

In some cases we leave the visible marks left by these visitors as a testimony to the life of the piece, just like wrinkles.
If the job is a custom made item the customer can decide if we should cover up these little wrinkles.

On upholstered articles we withdraw all the old worn fabric and crumbling foam to sanitize the seating.

Springs and materials for reinforcement that are considered suitable for their continued use are maintained whenever possible, but if they are not viable they are replaced.

The artistic pieces that are made from raw wood chips and bark are sculptural, decorative, and can be a little fragile and will need according care.


Furniture and objects appearing on our website are made with care and come with a set finish and colour. You may determine the finish of any object that we are creating especially for you, just send us a photo or tell us your ideas, we will try to meet the style and colour that you are looking for.

The above photos show a selection of different finishes for wood.

Please contact us for more ideas or tips.

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